Crossroads Kids is dedicated to leading kids into a relationship with Jesus in a fun and interactive way.  Kids will learn Biblical truths with age-specific lessons that will grow their faith and create a foundation that will assist them for a lifetime.

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Team Grow is dedicated to assist children to learn about Jesus who might require additional support during class time. This support comes in a variety of ways, but the goal of our team is that all students will learn, connect and worship together.

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This team sets up camera shots and operates the video switcher during services to ensure creative and engaging video production during our services. 

This team operates the lighting board for our services. Follow a simple cue sheet to the music beat.

This team controls the video playback, lyrics, message graphics, and countdown timers during our services.

This team operates either a manned camera position or remote-controlled camera capturing the worship service.

This team serves the band by mixing audio, monitors, and manage the streaming audio. Assist during special events (concerts, Easter, Christmas, etc.)

This team assists in setting up the stage for worship services. Help connect cables, patch items into our sound system and clean the stage area. 


Crossroads Worship Arts is a multigenerational, multicultural, and diverse team of Volunteers and paid staff members who are responsible for the worship services of Crossroads Church. We are a team of people who pursue a lifestyle of daily worship and surrender to God, and desire to lead our Church in the same way. Whether on or off the platform, playing and instrument or singing, we desire for the name of Jesus to be made known in the way that we worship at Crossroads.


This team provides a safe and secure environment, in which the church can carry out its mission without distraction or interference. 

This team acts if any medical situation occurs during service times or other events.

This team helps keep our church buildings clean so that other ministry teams can perform their duties without distraction.

This team assists in preparing the buildings for worship services by moving various items into place before the services or events and returns them to storage after. 

This team serves the church by gathering, counting, and providing accurate intake of weekly tithing at the Mansfield Campus.


The Photography Team exists to capture moments and help people experience Crossroads. Through your artistry, help us preserve the stories of our congregation, weaving together a tapestry of shared experiences that illuminate the path of Gospel growth and connection.

Join our creative video team where you’ll craft compelling visual narratives that bring the message of the Gospel and faith to life, collaborating with fellow creatives to produce engaging content that resonates with hearts and minds. Projects could include social media reels, bumper videos, announcements, or ministry promos. 

Unleash your creativity and faith by joining our church graphic design team, where you’ll channel inspiration into captivating visuals that communicate the essence of our mission and values, fostering a vibrant community of believers through compelling imagery and design. .

Join our vibrant church social media team where you’ll harness the power of digital platforms to spread messages of Knowing Christ, Growing Together, and Going Boldly, engaging with our online community and sharing the transformative power of faith in innovative and impactful ways. Together, let’s amplify the voice of our congregation, fostering connections, and building a digital family.

Help prepare for holiday services, specifically photo ops and lobby decor. 


The Guest Services Team exists to help each person feel welcome, comfortable, and loved from the moment they arrive at a weekend service. From the parking lot to the lobby and beyond, the Guest Services Team is responsible for creating a welcoming environment where people know they belong.


When you serve on the coffee team at Crossroads, you are impacting people both locally and globally. You help drive our mission to support our coffee farmers, all while serving and caring for people in our local community, including our own church body.

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Groups are where you grow. If you want to grow in God’s Word, grow in community, grow in your leadership, and grow in your impact, lead a group! It’s the best way to find a group of people to grow with!

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The City Center has a variety of opportunities to serve including but not limited to administration, laundry, cooking breakfast, cleaning, and special events.

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More information coming soon. 


The Meal Train Team provides meals for Crossroads members who have a new baby or have experienced a difficult life event whether it is a surgery, illness, death etc. We ask you to provide a home-cooked meal 2-3 times per year.

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 Our Prayer Team exists to uplift the people of our church by interceding for them in prayer at weekend services. We provide care for those who are hurting or looking for their next step with Jesus by praying for them. We also consistently pray throughout the week for the needs of our church. If you have a passion to pray and are comfortable praying with others, the Prayer Team is for you! 

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This team serves 3-4 times a year and cooks for concert tours or special guests that we bring in several times each year. It requires some flexibility in your schedule as typically we serve breakfasts, lunch, and/or dinner.

This team aids for concerts or special guests and helps loading in road cases and gear, helps set up and tear down the stage. This team typically serves 3-4 times a year. Load-in typically occurs in the morning and load-out follow the concert or event.

Assists with sales of our special guests merchandise.


Are you comfortable with a keyboard in your hands and enjoy helping people feel welcome and cared for? If so, then serving as an Online Host might be for you! Serve the attendees on our Online Campus by greeting them, interacting with them, and praying for them on our online chatroom.

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If you’re not sure where you would fit in best, don’t worry! Fill out this short quiz and we will help you get plugged in at the best place for you!