Pursuing a lifestyle of worship.

What is worship like at Crossroads?

We are a diverse, multigenerational, multicultural ministry of Crossroads Church responsible for the creative, artistic, and technical aspects of our gatherings.

Our style is very eclectic. It would not be uncommon for Christian Contemporary, Gospel, Pop, and Folk genres to all be included in the same service. Our style constantly evolves and grows based on the ministry goals of Crossroads Church, the needs of our community, as well as the artistic standards of the times. In all cases, we believe that both diversity and relevance are important aspects of ministry excellence, and that reaching the next generation should always be a top priority.

We pursue a lifestyle of surrender to God in our daily choices. Every action can be an act of worship that honor God. When we gather together to praise God, we learn from Scripture that God is pleased by a number of different expressions such as singing, clapping, dancing, shouting, raising hands, bowing, giving, meditating on God’s Word, thanksgiving, silence, feasting, music, and more. But the most important expression is the posture of our hearts. God prefers our obedience and loyalty as worship more than any religious or cultural experience (1 Samuel 15:22, Hosea 6:6). When we gather at Crossroads, we desire for people to express themselves freely as we celebrate and respond to who God is. Although we are careful not to divert people’s attention from focusing on God to focusing on us, we certainly encourage a vibrant, dynamic, and unified expression of praise.

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