Community Groups

We believe life change happens best in community! 


We would love every person at Crossroads to be in at least one Community Group or Class each semester. If you have questions about joining or leading a Community Group, contact Chris Standridge at

Winter Semester has a large variety of groups for you to join, with a range from theological bible studies, to connection groups where you make friends with similar interests. These groups are perfect for you to meet new church members, and deepen your faith. Life change happens best in community, so find a group best for you!

Group Leader Applications are now available! Applications for new and returning leaders can be found at your Campus Info Center or by clicking the buttons below. Applications should be submitted by April 9th. 

Looking for a book needed for your Winter Semester Community Group? Check out our resources page for easy to follow links!

Four Types of Groups


Theological groups have to do with the formal aspects of any gathering, and that is studying the Word of God. Each time a theological group meets, the Bible is the foundation to address and answer life’s questions. Many of these groups place high emphasis on Christian doctrines, books of the Bible or Bible character studies. While philosophy and psychology serve a legitimate purpose, Christians need to return to the very words of God – the Bible – as the ultimate source for life’s questions. The Bible then must be foundational to what we believe and practice.



While still placing an emphasis on the study of scripture, relational groups also have a familial focus because the group typically meets regularly over multiple semesters. The group members become friends. But more significantly, they experience what it means to be a family. A biblical family is one in which ALL of life is shared, the ups and downs and the triumphs and defeats. A healthy relational group will be like a healthy family – everyone is accepted, loved, held to account, and supported, no matter the circumstances.


Restorational groups provide shepherding and godly counsel for group members. If a marriage is struggling, an individual is going through grief, a veteran is struggling with PTSD, or someone is fighting an addiction – these types of issues become the bond that attracts and ministers to the group. While drawing from biblical teachings and principles, these groups find their focus in helping those in the group pursue recovery, support and counsel through the storm they’re in.


Missional groups pursue an understanding of God’s work in our world and actively join Him in it, be that in workplaces, neighborhoods, communities or the world. The missional group sends people outside of the “living room” and “church’” and encourages participants to get involved in such things as community service, evangelism and global outreach. They are outward focused as a group and foster that orientation as individuals as well.

Brittany’s prayers were answered when she got plugged in with Crossroads Communities. She shares her testimony with us to inspire others to find a group to call their own and find fellowship in.