Who we support

The Coffee House exists to connect lives and sell good coffee for a good cause. Through our partnership with Deeper Roots Development and Mission Impact, you can step into our café, purchase a delicious cup of Guatemalan coffee, and know that your contribution translates into mission support for hard-working coffee bean farmers in the Guatemalan village of Santa Maria de Jesus.  

 The small, family farmers of Santa Maria de Jesus have historically struggled to make a living growing this coffee. By enjoying the fruit of their labors you are giving them new opportunities, a renewed sense of community pride and a chance for economic sustainability.

A visit to The Coffee House not only satisfies a coffee drinker’s desire for great quality but also delivers a great story in their cup. 

One of our foreign mission partners is Mission Impact in Guatemala; this is where our coffee comes from. Our teams go to Guatemala once each year to serve with Mission Impact and to work with our coffee farmers. 

We now have a number of items: handmade wallets, purses, bookmarks and pens that are made by ladies from a northern tribe in Guatemala who have very little income. There is a couple that travels weekly to visit these ladies, and they have taught them how to sew these items to supplement their income. 

These items would make great gifts for friends and the money will be used to continue to purchase more items that will help support them. 

You’ll also see our new card display made by some of the artists here at Crossroads- and all the proceeds from these will also go directly to our missions. Stop by the Coffee House and pick up some items for gifts or a bag of coffee to go - and help our GoMission partners.