7 Churches Of Revelation

As Crossroads Community Church enters another decade of ministry, what does Christ desire for His Church, and specifically for us as Christians now and in our future? In Revelation 2-3, we find Jesus delivering personal messages to seven different churches that existed in the first century. While there existence 2,000 years ago played an influential role at a crucial point in history, much of their impact didn’t last. Just as Christ described His hope for those Churches in the past, what would He say to our church in the present? Will our sights remain set on what has been done or are our ears open to God’s glorious plan for our future?

Pt 1: Jesus in Our Midst

pt 3: The Crushed Church

Pt 5: The Corrupt Church

Pt 7: The Capable Church

Pt 2: The Cold Church

Pt 4: The Compromising Church

Pt 6: The Corpse Church

Pt 8: The Contaminated Church