How much of a difference can a week make?

More than you think. We partner with multiple Global and Regional partners to share Jesus’ love with people around the world. Together, our churches are making a lasting impact in the communities we serve.

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February 29th - March 7th and October 17th-24th or 24th -31st

Crossroads sends a team of 15 people for immediate disaster relief and for ongoing reconstruction after a disaster. 

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January 4th - 11th and June 20th - 27th, 2020

Santa Maria de Jesus, Guatemala

Located at 7,000 ft elevation on the side of a 13,000 ft dormant volcano called Aqua, this village has a very strong Mayan cultural influence.

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Through the winding, narrow streets, you feel as if you have stepped back in time as you see traditional homes and shops, people dressed in their traditional Mayan weavings and everyday agricultural-based lifestyles as they work the mountain terrain to provide for their families. The center of the village hosts the farmers’ market each Sunday and Thursday, as the families buy and sell the goods they need for daily life. Close by is the central laundry, where day and night you will see the ladies gathered to hand-wash their clothing.

On the January trips, depending on the team size and skill sets, serve teams will participate in projects at the school, in the surrounding community and remote villages. Our lodging is dorm-style at Mission Impact’s Christian girls school in Santa Maria. The Guatemalan school year runs late January to mid-October, so the whole family is available during prime coffee harvest for picking. This school is making a huge impact on this patriarchal culture which has traditionally not placed any value on education for girls. Most Guatemalan girls may get to go to school through 3rd grade but then are placed into the family business or childcare once they can read, write and do some simple math. Proximos Pasos is impacting this culture by helping families realize the value of education for their girls, raising up young Christ-followers who begin to understand how God loves them and teaching about good nutrition and life skills.

The portion of the team that travels to the remote location will start their week in Santa Maria de Jesus. Then, Monday – Thursday, we’ll serve in the remote location. Here they will serve with a branch of Mission Impact to improve the health of these areas that have been forgotten or ignore by their government. Through clean water filters, fuel-efficient stoves and dry compost latrines, these families have access to an opportunity to be healthy. The water filters installations alone can reduce illness by 60-70% in a family. Adding the latrines, which provides a safe way to handle waste that doesn’t contaminate the ground water and fuel-efficient stoves, which eliminates the constant inhalation of open-cooking smoke for the women and children , has the potential to greatly reduce life-long illnesses in place with little or no access to health care.



June 4th - 18th, 2020

Battambang, Cambodia

Located in the northern part of Cambodia and just 3 hours from Angkor Wat, one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world, Battambang is the second largest city in Cambodia. Yet, it has the feel of a more rural region. The capital of Cambodia – Phnom Penh has experience huge changes in the last decade, as it becomes more of a modern international city.

Asia’s Hope has campuses in both cities. We will briefly visit the location just outside Phnom Pehn on our trip, but spend the majority of our time in Battambang. Our two sponsored homes, called Crossroads of Hope 1 and 2, are located in Battambang. Asia’s Hope serves to rescue children from the exploitation of human trafficking, drug running and child labor... while then raising the children in loving, Christian family homes. Less than 1% of the Cambodian population is Christian. Buddism, Hinduism and spirit worship dominates this culture. These children are educated to become the future Christian leaders and make a powerful impact for the Kingdom of Christ in their country.


September 23rd – Oct 2nd,2020

Government: Constitutionally, Nepal is a parliamentary democracy with a largely ceremonial President as Head of State and a Prime Minister as Head of Government. The Prime Minister currently leads a coalition government.

Christianity in Nepal: There is a church planted in every one of the 75 districts of Nepal, and there are at least some believers in almost every people and caste group.Freedom of religion is guaranteed by law, but only in limited measures. Non-Hindus cannot proselytize. If they do, they risk fines, imprisonment and, in the case of expatriates, expulsion. Despite this law, the Church in Nepal grows because of courageous evangelism. Hindu fundamentalists as well as Maoists often single out Christians; their non-violent nature and connections to the West make them soft targets. Pray for perseverance for believers, that neither laws of man nor threats of violence deter them from sharing the gospel.


A significant proportion of many church congregations is under the age of 30, with some young Christians, as well as more educated converts, claiming that they find Christianity more ‘modern’ or ‘rational’ than other religions. Youth fellowships provide social and psychological support, as well as opportunities for leadership, to young Christians.

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Over half of the world’s population are age 25 and under. Over 90% of the Christian resources are focused on the USA.

The purpose of globalLead is to serve those in ministry through trainings and mentorship in order to position Christian leaders for multiplication.

They engage Biblical and globally transferable principles in their trainings, seminars, and conferences, networks and mentorship programs to speak to the heart and skills of Christian leaders globally.

They currently train in over 50 different countries!


Periodic trips are available for select leaders and teachers to participate in trainings.