More than you think. We partner with multiple Global and Regional partners to share Jesus’ love with people around the world. Together, our churches are making a lasting impact in the communities we serve.

2021 Trips


Spring and Fall trips scheduled based on disaster relief needsDate To be determined

Crossroads sends a team of 15 people for immediate disaster relief and for ongoing reconstruction after a disaster. Trips are one full week and are open to adults willing to spiritually and physically impacting an area during sressful recovery times. 

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Trip Dates: February 1st – 8th 2021 and June 21st – 28th 2021

Partnering with Mission Impact in Guatemala gives us the opportunity to build relationships with the coffee farmers and their families. These are the coffee farmers that Crossroads Coffee & Tea supports through our missional coffee. When you purchase a cup or a bag of coffee, it translates back to direct financial support to these families at a fair wage. Working out of the small Mayan village of Santa Maria de Jesus as our hub, we participate in providing clean water in remote areas, make and install safe fuel-efficient stoves and directly support and interact with some of the village girls that attend Proximos Pasos (a small Christian school in the village).

The team will split into serve groups that include the fuel-efficient stoves, preparing the school for the beginning of their school year and spending activity time each day with the students, as well as a group that spends it’s serve time in a more remote location. This remote group may build clean water filters, stoves or dry compost latrines. We will also spend time with our head coffee farmer, Julio Cuy as he teaches us about coffee farming, takes us to a field to pick the coffee cherries and observe the labor-intensive process of preparing the beans for market.

The team will also experience some of the Guatemalan culture and build long-term relationships with our farmer families. One evening is spent preparing a traditional Guatemalan celebration dinner in a host home. The team also hosts a dinner for the coffee farmer families at the school. On Friday afternoon, there will be some down time to experience the picturesque city of Antigua, which is just down the volcano from Santa Maria.



Trip Dates: June 3rd – 17th 2021

Battambang, Cambodia

Located in the northern part of Cambodia and just 3 hours from Angkor Wat, one of the 7 ancient wonders of the world, Battambang is the second largest city in Cambodia. Yet, it has the feel of a more rural region. The capital of Cambodia – Phnom Penh has experience huge changes in the last decade, as it becomes more of a modern international city.

Asia’s Hope has campuses in both cities. We will briefly visit the location just outside Phnom Pehn on our trip, but spend the majority of our time in Battambang. Our two sponsored homes, called Crossroads of Hope 1 and 2, are located in Battambang. Asia’s Hope serves to rescue children from the exploitation of human trafficking, drug running and child labor… while then raising the children in loving, Christian family homes. Less than 1% of the Cambodian population is Christian. Buddism, Hinduism and spirit worship dominates this culture. These children are educated to become the future Christian leaders and make a powerful impact for the Kingdom of Christ in their country.



Trip Dates: September 22nd – October 1st 2021

The team will stay the first 2 nights in some ancient temple areas to receive a tour of the spiritual history and current impact.  Then as the team heads out, they can see directly the impact of the false religious history so predominant in Nepal and be able to proclaim the gospel both verbally and physically.  While numbers vary, there are less than 1% Christians in Nepal.  The activities on this trip will be based on the skillset of the team and the need of the ministry in Nepal.  The plans will be developed prior to the actual travel. 

This trip is limited to 15 adults. 


Global Lead 


Over half of the world’s population are age 25 and under. Over 90% of the Christian resources are focused on the USA.

The purpose of globalLead is to serve those in ministry through trainings and mentorship in order to position Christian leaders for multiplication.

They engage Biblical and globally transferable principles in their trainings, seminars, and conferences, networks and mentorship programs to speak to the heart and skills of Christian leaders globally.

They currently train in over 50 different countries!


Periodic trips are available for select leaders and teachers to participate in trainings.