For Our City

No doubt, there are many desperate needs in our region. Heroin is taking lives, families are breaking apart, children are living in unstable homes and are at high risk of all kinds of abuse, and homes are continuing to deteriorate. Some would say we are a community in crisis?

The question isn’t about the reality of these truths…but rather could the narrative be changed? Could we rip up the chapter of what has been, and rewrite a new story for our city’s success?

Imagine a city where no one went to bed hungry, where nobody wandered the streets by day without a job, where nobody missed an opportunity for education…Imagine a city where a people did whatever it took, as long it took, to see a city change forever. Imagine a city where poverty was a memory of the past…addiction was a thing that used to be prevalent…visionless people are unheard of and hopeless people are hard to find…and people’s hearts beat for the beauty of the city…this is the city of Mansfield…this is the heart of Crossroads.

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