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Get your 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting Booklet here:


Join us for our church wide 21 days of prayer and fasting leading up to Easter. 

Grab your booklet this weekend at church in preparation to start our Prayer and fasting on March 10th-March 30th.

Most believers, if they are honest, would have to admit that they do not know the delights of praying for an extended period of time. Our culture is one that is busy and demanding; our attention span has been trained to be short and quick. Everything goes against our spending extended time in solitary prayer. Yet, we all yearn to have a deeper, more devoted
relationship with Christ. How can this be accomplished?

As we look forward to the exciting celebration that surrounds the Easter season, we want to take some time to ponder and reflect on the true cost of Christ’s sacrifice and the awesome wonder of His resurrection. We believe that it would not only be beneficial, but also greatly encouraging to join our hearts together through church-wide sacrifice, through prayer and
fasting. We are confident that this prayer journey will play an essential role in our growth both personally and collectively, as well as refocus us on the tremendous work that God is doing in and through the Crossroads family. We invite you to join us as we set aside 21 days leading up to Good Friday to direct our attention to the pursuit of the person and work of Jesus Christ in our lives, church, and nation. Following this season, we will gather together to break our fast on Good Friday at 6:00 pm for a showing of The Passion of the Christ and communion (a Kids Bash will be provided for
children ages 3 – 5th Grade. Pre-Registration is required).

So we pray that you would join us in this 21-day adventure of remembering the sacrifice of Christ and drawing nearer to God in prayer. We
wholeheartedly believe that our sacrifice this Easter season will greater connect us to the redemption secured by Christ 2,000 years ago.

Pastor Dave
Crossroads Community Church Lead Pastor