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On the way out of the morning service from Crossroads, everyone received a yellow envelope with an unknown amount of cash from $5 to $100 in it to pay forward in the generosity pledge for someone in need.On the way home on state Route 13 I spotted a guy walking along the highway. His name was John. I gave him a ride to a friends house in Mansfield. He was walking from Belleville. In the envelope was $5 which will buy him a meal!

-K. Wiseman

Walking out of Kroger's I offered to pay for lunch of a stranger. It felt really good.

-S. Foster

The generosity challenge made me a little anxious. I received $5 and my little envelope today at church and was given the challenge just to give to a complete stranger anyone outside my family. I live in an apartment and was taking my dogs for a walk today. I saw my neighbor sitting out on her porch and I went back to my apartment and got the envelope. I took it over to her and gave it to her. I told her about the generosity Challenge and that sometimes it's hard to give and to be open to people. I told her sorry that it wasn't more but she reassured me that it really is the thought and that I went out of my way just to give that to her. This was a good experience and thank you for helping me put myself out there and to give.

-B. Patrick

Received $5 for the generosity challenge Sunday. After service I went to Starbucks to get my coffee and ended up deciding to use the $5 then to pay for the coffee for the person behind me.

-D. Bickers

so after pastor Dave give my family the generosity challenge me and my soon to be husband went into Drug mart in Galion Ohio we gave $10 to single mother of 3 I told her I know it not much but I sure hope that it will help you a little she was shock that two teenagers gave her money at first then she thank us the reason I gave the money to a single mother of 3 was because I know what it like my own mom been there and she work 2 jobs so us kids can have the things that we needed so I though back about my mom and picture how would she feel if some stranger gave her money to help with whatever the need was.

-A. Wirick

As a family we decided to match the blessing given to us before opening it . Next, we came up with ideas on how to share the blessings. Some of our ideas are to pay for people standing behind us in lines and keeping are ears open for any one we come across that could use some assistance. All glory to God, and thank you Crossroads in helping us to be part of the blessing


I was sitting in the doctors office waiting to be seen by the doctor. And the nurse came in and handed me a envelope telling me she was paying it felt really nice of her to do that, that envelope was a blessing and I’m truly thankful of her. That little bit truly helped my situation.I thanked her.. I told her thank you thank you I really appreciate it. I will continue the trend and do the same.

-J. Holmes

I am so pleased to tell you that I am one of the recipients of your kindness. Truth be told, I am OVERWHELMED by your generosity and kindness! The timing of this was a beautiful gift from God and I pray He blesses you all 100-fold for your obedient, kind, generous hearts for sharing in this way! God bless you!

-M. MacFarlane

My story started like this, I have been blessed to get my current employment a week yesterday. Thanksgiving, and with that, I put His money, more inside. I work with an employee that is a father of two young boys. The mother is not in their life. So when he mention, some basic nessitses food..ect... I handed him the envelope and he opened it. I asked him to read the card. I told him "This is from God." I felt so good. Thank you Jesus! Amen

-L. Risner

We thought the Generosity Challenge was an awesome idea sharing with others and being able to maybe get to witness to the recipient of the money. We prayed that God would direct us to the right person and finally Wednesday we found the person we felt God was leading us to. Wednesday is usually a dine out for us and we stopped at a Mexican restaurant and got into a conversation with one of the servers named, Amy. Amy shared with us about it being a lousy slow day with few customers thus few tips. I told Bev, I think Amy needs some cheering up and that she was the one, God had chosen for us! Amy was so pleased to receive the gift from our church. (We added some extra cash) She inquired about Crossroads location and we had the opportunity to share some details. It was such a blessing to be able to share!

-McGinnis Family

Leaving church last week, I received an envelope with $5.00. I first thought of a friend who is dealing with cancer but she lives out of state. And I know it was supposed to be for someone in the community. I still put a card in the mail and sent her a check for gas or lunch out to let her know that I was thinking of her. But I still had the dilemma of figuring out what to do with the $5.00. I know I was overthinking it. Then I remembered a conversation I overheard at work and knew this person was having some struggles. So, I decided to add some money to it and bought a gift certificate for subway and put it in a thank you card and gave it to the co-worker anonymously. I wrote in the card how much she is appreciated and what a good job she is doing. I tried to disguise my handwriting. I don’t know how she could tell because I printed the note in block letters where my normal handwriting is a mixture of printing and cursive. She guessed and confronted me. So, I explained what it was about. She thanked me with tears in her eyes saying that no one has ever done that for her before. She was truly overwhelmed and thankful. It felt really good to share in brightening someone’s day.

-D. Sciotto

While at work yesterday I went to the hospital gift shop for a drink. There was a visitor wanting to buy a balloon and a bracelet for a patient. They wanted to pay using a card and did not have cash. Unfortunately there is a $15 minimum to use a card in the gift shop. They began to look around for something to add to reach $15. I paid for the items so they did not have to buy things they did not need and could bring some happiness to whom ever they were visiting.

-C. Musche

On Saturday mornings a group of folks from various Catholic churches and a few of us Protestants go to the local Planned Parenthood abortion referral facility on Park Ave West to pray and hold signs in protest of that loathsome business. Today I happened to be the only person present. A man, who said he needed a ride to get his dialysis treatment, asked me for a ride. I drove him to his son’s house when he asked for some cab fare. That is when I had the opportunity to provide him with the Crossroads Generosity Fund money. He said that he attended a local church, First Assembly. Join me in praying that R. did use the money for truly needy purposes and that God would convict him deeply if he doesn’t use he money wisely.

-G. Jevnikar

I felt compelled to add 50.00 to my gift and help out a young Mom and her son with their grocery bill at our local Kroger. God really did lead me to them as I saw many that could use a hand. I am not sure why, but there is a reason it was then who I gave it too. I hope it gave them hope in whatever season they are in. God Bless.

- Trease Family

This was SO fun! I actually have TWO stories. My envelope contained a $5 so I decided to embellish the gift. I filled an old purse with shampoo, body wash, lotion, Chapstick, antibacterial wipes toothbrushes and toothpaste and a $10Kroger gift card. I had been praying for the person God would put in my path since the service ended on Sunday. When I took my 93 yr old mom to our weekly shopping trip, I was intentional about who would be on the receiving end. Surely, there she was. A sweet little elderly gal with a threadbare coat and a worn woolen hat. In her basket were just a few items: Some cornbread mix, a loaf of bread and a can of beans. I approached her smiling and said,” I have a gift for you, because Jesus loves you. “ She looked at me incredulously and nervously glanced around to make sure I had no evil intent. When I reinforced that this was a gift and part of of our “generosity challenge”, she broke into a smile and said “I love Jesus, too and so can’t WAIT to tell people how this blessed my day!” This was such a heartwarming experience, I felt compelled to do a bit of a “mulligan”. When I went to the car wash, I gave the young man who was helping outside in the frigid weather, a $5.00 “tip”. He said, “Seriously?” I told him how grateful I was that he was outside serving in the cold and that Crossroads was doing a generosity challenge. “ He said, my ROOMMATE goes to Crossroads. “ I didn’t recognize the name, but I told him that Jesus loves him. What a blessing! I told my mom I’d like to make this a “regular/ weekly(?) event. Thank you to my Crossroads family for your leadership and creativity in reminding us to be the hands and feet and voice of Jesus.

-L. Mills

My story was simple , i work with a young lady that i try to guide and mentor to make good decisions. Its a struggle for her when it comes to budget, her boyfriend and her social activity. I treated her to a nice lunch talked about apples of gold and setting goals and celebrate recovery at the community center. She enjoyed herself and felt good all week and showed an upbeat personality all week.

-C. Zeiter

The whole challenge was very exciting, but when we received our envelope with a $100 bill we were floored. Such a generous amount, we wanted it to bless someone. After lots of prayer we decided to head to the Kroger next to the church. We began walking around and we noticed an older woman doing her shopping. Asking God to guide our hands and make the right decisions, we approached her and gave the message of helping our fellow community by reaching out to others. She opened up saying she had just lost her husband and was spending time with her relatives. Then the quiet lady's eyes started to water only causing us to cry right along with her. It ended with a heartfelt thank you and hugs. We truly feel God put us with her in a time of need, and we continued to pray that gift will be a blessing in a time she may have needed some kindness the most.

- The Zellners

My envelope contained $100. What an exciting amount! I said, "Alright Holy Spirit, let's do this!" Living outside of Richland County, I don't often make it to Mansfield besides going to church. However, this morning I needed to run a bunch of errands. I took my envelope along and the message that was laid on my heart from the beginning was shoes... you will know who to give it to by their shoes. Lately it was red shoes. Look for the red shoes. I felt drawn to the Goodwill store. I was certain this is where I would find someone. I wandered around the store a bit and then the sweet little lady came from behind the register to ask if I needed some help. Guess what color her tennis shoes were? Red. Of course. I gave her the envelope and told her briefly about the generosity challenge and that she was the person God wanted me to give it to. I'm sure she will be blessed by it, but let's be honest I was the one that walked away astonished and humbled by our amazing Lord. Listen and be obedient was the reminder I was given.

-L. Stuckey

I am 11 years old. I went skating last Friday at the skating rink and a little 8 year old girl was behind me with her older brother and she didn’t have enough money to go skating so I gave her the $5 from my church so she could go. She just looked at me kind of funny but she got to go skating.

-J. Bittinger

My wife and I are new to Crossroads church and we were blown away when Pastor Dave announced that the church was giving $ 6000 to be given away to someone in need. We have heard many sermons on tithing before but this one was different and it was not just because of the money. Our story goes like this: As I was traveling through Canton Ohio I came across a pan handler hoping that someone would give.I am usually skeptical about giving in those situations however, this one felt different. As I came near to him at the intersection the thought came to me to drive past him but, when I approached the light I suddenly decided to turn right and pulled into a used car lot. I called the guy over to me and told him that the little envelope was a gift from our church. He immediately told me that he started attending church recently and that he just got baptized. He was exited to tell me that story and was thankful for the gift that we added to. He also mentioned that he was trying to get enough for a new pair of shoes. He now has a good start thanks to the people of Crossroads and the Generosity Challenge!


Today I was on the receiving end of your phenomenal Generosity Challenge. 

I am a teacher who is BLESSED with the opportunity to privately tutor two of your members each week. These are wonderful young men, who truly embrace what it means to be Christian with their hearts of gold. Often I leave our sessions knowing I’ve learned more from them than they ever could have learned from me.

I have had some insane stresses at work this week. Lots of anxiety, doubt, and anger flowing in my head and heart. Today was particularly troublesome, so when I walked into the office at the end of the day, you can imagine my surprise at finding a beautiful flower arrangement waiting with my name on it. The boys’ messages of thankfulness truly caused me to stop and remember what my focus should be, and almost instantaneously I was set free. 

Thank you Crossroads, for your beautiful ministry. 

And thank YOU H family for always blessing me more than I deserve.

-J. Morris

I spent 2 years without a car, depending on the bus and friends. Last August, I received a small unexpected inheritance from my aunt. I used this money to purchase a truck. In November, my friend Terrie's car died. Since she lived where the bus doesn't go, I loaned her my truck. In early December, the truck broke down, leaving both of us without transportation. I was worried more about Terrie then myself, because of her medical needs. God knew my needs and provided it thru Jim M. and Crossroads Church. The $50 from Crossroads and the additional $20 that Jim gave me was just enough to pay for a new water pump, and antifreeze to get the truck working again. With 2 families depending on the truck, this money was a real blessing to me. Thank you, Crossroads Church, and Jim M.


CJ S. and I recently met and yesterday he visited to drop off a small yellow envelope. When we first met, the topic of my buildings pipes freezing & busting came up. CJ said that he remember our conversation and was called to give me the envelope to assist with damage that occurred. I was and I’m still very moved by the thought, act, and generosity. Thank you very much.

-Aurelio D.

Our family had $5 and we added to it. I had the opportunity to bless a patient with the money to help pay for his prescription.

-C. Beere

My husband and I were at Chipotle eating.while we were sitting there a State Highway Patrolman walked in. We gave the cashier the $5.00 we received in our envelope. Plus additional monies to cover his meal!!!

-J. Johnson

A few months ago I noticed a small yellow sign in a neighbor’s yard. The sign says proud parents of a son serving in the United States Army live there. I look for it each time I go by and pray for a young man and his family making a sacrifice for all of us. My husband and I didn’t think $5 was enough to express appreciation so we added a thank you note and gift card to be used in any way their family chooses. When I took our gift to the house I was blessed by meeting the soldier’s brother. What a nice young man! These parents should be proud! I can’t imagine their family was blessed more than I was?

-C. Page

I knew immediately who we would bless with our envelope, we added to it and bought a gas card for a friend/co-worker who had shared with me just the week before how she was struggling financially. She was in tears when I told her how this was ALL God’s doings as she had just shared with me and then that Sunday we had this challenge and KNEW it was for her ❤️

-K. Patterson

Our family was excited to participate in Crossroads Generosity Challenge. The night we received our envelope, we discussed the entire way home how were going to bless someone in the Mansfield area. Due to the fact that we leave 45 minutes away, we had a lot of time to discuss and even argue. Our family of four easily agreed we each wanted to add our own portion financially to whatever the amount was in the envelope. Deciding how to pass it on was where we differed in our opinions. As the mom, my frustration level grew as it looked more and more like the "doing" would fall on me. It seemed the giving was the easy part, but the doing was much more challenging. We placed the envelope, which contained $5 in the car counsel and decided to pray and let God lead us. A week passed, nothing was said or done. A second week passed, only this time, we decided after Saturday evening church to run into Kroger to pick up a few items before heading home. Without any of us knowing, my husband quietly grabbed the envelope and added some money to it. As we entered the store, I went to get a cart and began wiping it down. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed my daughter looking closely at a teenage girl and her family who were also entering the store. As they walked away, she ran over to me and excitedly said, "Mom, we know that girl!" I agreed that she looked familiar, but couldn't make the connection. My daughter explained that she was one of the teen counselors at Culliver Reading Center this summer. The light bulb came on in my head and I told her she was right and I was proud of her for making that connection. And just like that, the Lord tugged on all of our hearts and it was decided that she was the one we were to bless. I humbly must share that I started to grumble that it was too bad we didn't have the envelope with us when suddenly my husband pulls it from his coat pocket. The chase was on to find our "girl". As God would have it, we found her alone in an aisle and as we approached her she looked at us with that look of "I think I know you" so I told her who we were and how my daughter had remembered her from the reading center this summer. I then told her about the Crossroads Generosity Challenge and how we all felt God had led us to her. Having caught her completely off guard, I felt bad for her and explained that while it wasn't much, we really wanted her to have it and feel blessed that God had chosen her. It was a really special experience. We told her we hoped to help at the reading center again this summer and inquired if she would be a counselor again, too. She shared that she was and I gave her a hug and told her, God willing, we'd see her again in June. As we left her alone in the aisle, we couldn't help, but wonder what was going through her mind. Not to mention, my husband told us he had added a little cash to the envelope, too. It had to be a bit overwhelming. We can only hope that it was as memorable for her as it was for us. I know I learned that day to never underestimate the power of God at work within my family and this crazy world we live in. Crossroads is making a difference in this community! 

God's leading my family to this particular teenager has great significance in my opinion. Last summer, when my daughter (age 12) and I first started helping at the Culliver Reading Center, we were extremely nervous. We live in a very rural community, and stepping out of our comfort zone to serve at Culliver was something only God could help us do! Our first day there, we felt extremely uncomfortable and a part of us just wanted to leave and say we tried, but that wasn't God's plan. Part of our uncomfortableness came from the looks we received from the high school counselors who had to be wondering why we were here. While no one was unkind to us, we just didn't feel we fit in. However, some of the children immediately took to us and despite our apprehensions, we kept returning. Little by little, the counselors started warming up to us and we felt more a part of the reading center community. The teenager we ran in to at Kroger, be it her personality or apprehension, was one of the counselors that remained a bit lukewarm towards us during our time at the center. For us to be lead specifically to her, and for my daughter to feel so passionately about approaching her that night in Kroger gives me chills. Only God can do that! For me to be able to give her a hug, only God can do that! 

My daughter and I continue to pray for the children and teens we met last summer. It was an eye opening experience for us and has made us care more about making that community a safe place.

-The Wurm Family

My envelope and my friend's both contained $5.00 We both struggled with who God was leading us to help. We wanted to do something that really made a difference in someone's life, so we prayed about it and asked for God's guidance. Recently my paper carrier didn't deliver my paper which was not like him as he was very responsible. I waited patiently for a while and then decided to call to check in with him. When I called, he informed me that his car had broken down and he wasn't able to deliver until his car was replaced (it was beyond repair). He also informed me that his wife had had a miscarriage and that they were really struggling. It was very clear to me that this was where God wanted us to help. I contacted another friend who also had the same paper carrier and she felt led to help also. Our $10 grew to well over $100. We know that this won't buy a car, but when I delivered the money I had a chance to share God's love to an unchurched couple that was hurting. I invited them to Crossroads and they were shocked and very grateful for our assistance. We don't know if the money was put towards a car, rent or groceries. Only God know that.


I was the recipient of the generosity project. I had just told God I didn't know where I would receive a blessing from but I had faith and believed in him to take care of my daughter and I. I came to Mansfield on a visit and my friend handed me the envelope with 50.00. I began to weep because God answered my prayer because I stepped out on faith. God bless your ministry at crossroads and I pray he will continue to bless everyone.

-A. Givand

One day while visiting my friend I was about to leave and she said "wait I have a little something for you." To my surprise she explained about the Crossroads Generosity Project and stated she immediately thought of me and handed me a little envelope with a $50.00 Kroger gift certificate inside! What a kind gesture and being a single Mom who had just lost a job and transitioning into another the gift card was a wonderful surprise and I am very blessed to have been a recipient of such a wonderful program. Tears ran down my face as I drove down her driveway and they were tears of joy. Thank you so much!

-C. McGlone