Cambodia Trip 2018

March 1st – March 15th, 2018

Crossroads and Asia’s Hope’s partnership began in 2008 with a medically-focused missions trip and has grown over the years. The church now sponsors two family-based homes for once-orphaned children who have been rescued off the streets and out of the remote villages. These children were at very high risk for human trafficking, forced drug-running by drug lords and child-labor exploitation. They are no longer orphans! These 40 children now have parents and siblings, a loving Christ-centered home, nutritious food and are receiving a Christian education. Through additional generous donations, the Crossroads family has funded the building of 4 permanent homes on a campus including the necessary land, two schools, a computer-learning and a sewing center, a full-sized soccer field and updated the worship center.


Trip participants will work side-by-side with Cambodians to share the love of Jesus through participating in the weekly worship and outreach opportunities. They will provide practical care, encouragement and support to the children and staff of Asia’s Hope. Understanding the culture and history of Cambodia is vital to understanding the journey of Asia’s Hope. The team will tour Angkor Wat and Cambodia’s countryside and gain some understanding of the challenges Christ-followers face in this country.


The team fee for this trip is $1000. This covers meals, Cambodian visa, in-country transportation, lodging and all activities. Airline ticket prices vary but typically range from $1500 - $2000 and are purchased by the trip participant. Other expenses will include mandatory travel insurance ($159), up-to-date passport, immunizations you choose to get, the trip to Angkor Wat (around $100 if you wish to go) and souvenirs you would like to purchase.

turn in your application to Darlene Rudrick by email: