The purpose of this guide is to give each department direction for creating branded content for Crossroads Church. This is not an exhaustive list, but with this you should be able to create cohesive content that will communicate branded ideas.

Keep in mind that our overall brand style contains clean lines and edges, and avoids clutter. Do not be afraid of white or blank space to favor  an overall minimalistic, professional feel.

All designs must be sent to Creative Team for approval before publication. This excludes written documents.


For branded content like special announcements, internal documents, department announcements, written letters, etc. it’s important to use approved fonts. This list isn’t exhaustive, but when using title, headers, or creative fonts, try to stay within these boundaries. The fonts below offer modern looks while being easy to read and professional.

Bebas Neue

Used for all text.

Multi-weight options.

Novecento Sans Wide

Used for headings and accent text. 

Multi-weight options.

Bebas Kai

Used for titles and headings.

Multi-weight options.


Used for body text.

Multi-weight options.


Strictly for accents in headings. 

Single weight font.


Strictly for accents in headings. 

Single weight font. For Canva use. 


The colors below are matched to logos, as well as our current brand. These colors are not exhaustive, but please stay within similar cool tones.

Please utilize the Hex Code listed to use the color in your document or design. 
Hex cods are a series of numbers followed by the pound sign (#)

The colors below are base Crossroads branding colors.




The colors below are Crossroads Kids branding colors matched to the logo colors.

Kid’s Logo – Teal

Kid’s Logo – Orange

Kid’s Logo – Green

Kid’s Logo – Red

Kid’s Logo – Purple

The colors below are for City Center branding.


Steel Blue

Deep Teal


Bright Teal

Light Teal

Light Gray


The colors below are for designs and projects through summer 2021.




Bright Blue

Bright Aqua

Bright Green

Bright Yellow

Bright Orange

Bright Pink

Bright Purple

The colors below are for designs and projects through fall 2021.


Deep Gray


Steel Blue

Olive Green


Mustard Yellow

Graham Cracker




If you are in need of a stock image, please utilize the following sites. These are free to use, no rights attached, and are high quality images. 

If you are creating a graphic or flyer, Canva is a great tool. There is a free version, but since we are a church we qualify for the pro-version at no cost. I’m happy to help you set that up! 

Here are some great Canva templates if you are unsure where to start! Please be sure to change fonts and colors to the suggested ones above.


Here are a few examples of what well executed designs look like! 

They include approved colors and fonts, as well as 

Reminder Card Graphic

When to use: for print, email, or social media reminders within your department or ministry

Reminder Flyer

When to use: for print reminders within your department or ministry

Event Flyer

When to use: to create awareness for upcoming event within your department ministry 

Social Media Graphic

When to use: lead to inspiration within your department or ministry among those involved


Right click on any of the following logos to save them for use.

Our logos have a few various adaptations or applications depending on what it is being used for, whether it be printed or for digital art. Please use your best judgement of when to use which look. If unsure, please check with Kim.